ASM Assembly Systems and ASM Pacific Technology

ASM Assembly Systems was formed in 2011 as a result of ASM Pacific Technology’s acquisition of the SIPLACE team. In 2014, the company added DEK, a leading manufacturer of industrial printers. Together, both teams now form the SMT Solutions segment.

The company’s headquarters, including its development and placement machine manufacturing operations, is located in Munich.  Additional plants are located in the United Kingdom (DEK) and Singapore, along with service and sales offices in all of the world’s regions with heavy concentrations of electronics production operations.

ASM Pacific Technology is an innovation-oriented, highly profitably technology group that operates in the dynamic target markets of the world’s electronics industry and is intimately familiar with its needs. Since 2002, ASMPT has been the global leader in chip assembly, lead frame and bonding equipment for the chip assembly and packaging fields. Today, ASMPT is the only provider who can serve its customers in the electronics industry with products and know-how across the entire process chain from wafer production to chip assembly and packaging to SMT placement


The SIPLACE and DEK brands

Operating as the SMT Solutions team, we manufactures and sell solutions for electronics producers all over the world. The powerful SIPLACE placement and DEK printing platforms are at the core of the company’s portfolio. In combination with a powerful software suite, SIPLACE placement and DEK printing machines have for many years set the benchmark in performance, precision, flexibility and efficiency. A unique global sales, service and support network rounds out this portfolio.

ASM has successfully installed over 35,000 placement solutions and including a large install base of printing machines at over 19,000, at more than 3,500 customers worldwide. ASM Assembly Systems customers are in telecommunications, automotive and many other electronics industries – a success story that results from the combination of technical expertise, inventive strength and intensive customer orientation.

Together #1

To establish ASM Assembly Systems as the global market leader in the SMT field, SIPLACE and DEK will continue to expand their portfolio of best-in-class solutions. The company is also working on developing new, integrated solutions for the electronics production of the future. With innovations, more market shares and more growth, ASM Assembly Systems is constantly pursuing its goal of becoming “Together #1”.


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