ASM in Asia

ASM Assembly Systems in Asia

ASM Assembly Systems was formed in 2011 as a result of ASM Pacific Technology’s acquisition of the SIPLACE team. In 2014, the company added DEK, a leading manufacturer of industrial printers. Together, both teams now form the SMT Solutions segment.

The company’s headquarters, including its development and placement machine manufacturing operations, is located in Munich.  Additional plants are located in the United Kingdom (DEK) and Singapore, along with service and sales offices in all of the world’s regions with heavy concentrations of electronics production operations.


The ASM company values

As a middle size multinational company, we do know the essential factor for our success is people. So as a company, ASM Assembly Systems puts a lot of effort in attracting, developing and retaining people. We provide a competitive compensation scheme to attract talent in the market and offer tailor-made development plans to our employees. In addition to a special focus on business achievement, we also strive to help employees achieve a better life. We believe that people who feel better will deliver better result. The ASM Assembly Systems team works to create an open and fair environment to make employees feel understood and supported. In addition, as a benefit for a mid-sized company, our working environment is very international with people from many different countries all over the world working and having fun together.

If you are looking for a company that offers a fun, challenging and supportive work environment, then ASM Assembly Systems is the one in Asia.