ASM Service

    Save The Day

    ASM Service - Save The Day

    ASM Service is as important a pillar in our product portfolio as hardware and software. We offer packages, tools and manpower to ensure our machines remain ever as reliable and precise as on the very first day. Understanding ASM placement machines, their technology and the way they work down to each small screw is therefore key for our service people. They have a hands-on mentality more than anything, and aside from repairing, they are also always keen on improving.

    On site or on the phone, service also means listening. And then, thinking in solutions, not problems. It is crucial to understand the customers, and know their processes and workflows. Service partners ideally speak the same language and are 100% reliable. At the end of the day, the merit of ASM Service work is more apparent than anything: when production is running smoothly, when upgrades have been successful, when ASM machines are churning out PCBs to create tomorrow's latest gadgets, you saved the day.

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